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Your path to having your own child

Involuntary childlessness can have different causes. At VivaNeo we benefit from our large network of clinics and doctors, as well as expert employees who have already helped many couples to fulfil their dream of having their own children.We would like to provide you with comprehensive information about the range of services we offer. This will give you an overview of how our experienced team can support you along the way to having your child.

Comprehensive diagnosis for a suitable treatment plan

At VivaNeo, our goals are to support you in fulfilling your dreams of having your own child and to adapt your treatment to you individually. To do this, we must first investigate precisely what the causes of infertility are in your case. Each diagnosis starts with an in-depth, confidential conversation. This allows you and your doctor to get to know each other and clarify the initial issues. In addition to this conversation, we also conduct a series of examinations here at VivaNeo, such as cycle monitoring. Once the diagnosis is completed and the results are available, we provide you with an individual plan for your fertility treatment.
Read more about different possibilities of diagnosis here.

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Treatments – individually adapted for you

At the fertility clinic we use comprehensive diagnostic procedures to determine the causes of your inability to have a child. Based on the results, our experienced doctors will advise you of an appropriate treatment. Our well-trained team will be pleased to inform you about the opportunities and risks of the individual treatment steps and are there to support you in all your questions about fertility treatment. On our website, you will find detailed information about the various options for fertility treatment. This will give you an advance overview of the wide range of treatment options available for you at VivaNeo. However, not all the treatments will be suitable for your particular case and the treatment plan presented on the website may differ from yours.
Here you will find an overview of the range of treatments we offer.

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