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A. - Single Woman from Sweden


A. from Sweden

A. and M.

A. during her pregnancy

For how long were you thinking about having a baby?

A few years. I always wanted kids and I’m gay so I needed help anyway.

What were the first steps that you undertook when your wish for a baby grew?

I visited your website to read about the process, costs and things.

Why did you decide to undergo fertility treatment at the StorkKlinik?

I heard about you and felt that it was close to home (I live in Malmö).

Do you know the sperm donor of your child or is he anonymous/open?

And how did you decide? I chose an anonymous donor. I felt that if my child grew up knowing he/she could contact the donor at age 18 and it turns out that person is not at at all what he/she was thinking it would be a big disappointment to process.

What were the reactions of your friends, and family during and after your fertility treatment?

Only positive.

How would you explain the atmosphere at StorkKlinik?

Very welcoming and relaxing.

Which words best describe the team working at the StorkKlinik?


Who was your biggest support during your fertility treatment?

I had a lot of support from friends and family. My best friend was the first to know, she came with on the first ultrasound and on the day I gave birth.

Which situation gave you the most hope and when did you experience fear and anxiety?

I felt very safe throughout the entire process, both treatment and pregnancy.

Did you get to know other single women that were in the same or similar situation as you, and if so, are you still in touch with them?


What advice can you give to other single women that are in the same situation as you?

I recommend them to go to you :)

How does – in your opinion - the fertility treatment of a single woman differentiate from a fertility treatment of a couple?

I have no idea since I’ve only done it as a single woman ;) 

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