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Inspiration and links

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Inspiration and links – books:

Karla har en strømpetyv i familien [There’s a Sock Thief in Karla’s family] 

Written by Pia Olsen and Karla Elena Olsen (Danish only)

A new children’s book about starting school and a new family model. Karla har en strømpetyv i familien is the fourth book in the series about Karla, who does not have a father. Her mother conceived her using a sperm donor.

Karla has been looking forward to starting school all summer. On the first day at school, her mother, grandmother and grandfather are there with her. In other words, Karla’s family. Nowadays, family structures can look very different, and both children and teachers need to learn about the many different types of families. That is something that Karla experienced when she started school.

Published by SPRÆL 2017

Hvor er Karlas far? [Where is Karla’s father?]

Author: Pia Olsen (Danish only)

Description: Hvor er Karlas far? is a book about two-year-old Karla, who was made with help from a sperm donor - that is what her mother told her. Karla does not fully understand what a sperm donor is, but he must have been a nice man, because he helped Karla and her mother so that they have each other. And so, Karla and her grandparents could have each other. But the sperm donor was not able to help Karla to get a father. Karla’s friend Ferdinand does not fully understand why Karla does not have a father. Ferdinand has a father - and they also have a baby ghost in under the sofa. Hvor er Karlas far? is the first Danish children’s book aimed at children who were conceived using a known or anonymous sperm donor. An increasing number of Danish women are choosing to have children using a sperm donor. But how does the woman explain this? Experts recommend talking with these children about how they came into being as early as possible. The book, Hvor er Karlas far? is aimed at children aged 2–5 years. It gives simple explanations to natural questions. The book is a good opportunity to have this necessary talk with your child. It can also be a tool for grandparents, teachers and others who are unsure of what approach to take when the child asks about their father.


Authors: Pia Olsen and Karla Elena Olsen

Karla was conceived using a sperm donor. A family can also be created like this. A new children’s book about a new type of family

How are babies made when the mother has not found a father? Four-year-old Karla is well able to answer this. She was made with help from a sperm donor, and her mother told her how that happens. Karla also has a rough idea what a sperm donor is, but she does not know what it is like to have a father. When Karla plays with her dolls, she plays mother and baby. In nursery school, the same game is called father, mother and baby.

Anja+Gro=Mio (Kunsten at få barn) [Anja+Gro=Mio (The Art of Having Children)]

Authors: Anja and Gro Hammerseng-Edin

Anja and Gro Hammerseng-Edin are not just some of the best known athletes, medal winners and national team handball players in Norway. They are one of the few public figures from the LGBT community within Norwegian athletics. And also they are the mothers of little Mio.

In the book they talk about their desire for a baby and the process to date.



Selvvalgt singlemor til donorbarn (beslutningsprocessen) [Choosing to become a Single Mother to a Donor-conceived Child (The Decision Process)]

Authors: Signe Fjord and Anne Patricia Rehlsdorph

Are you a single woman and longing to have a baby?

Is your biological clock ticking louder and faster than is comfortable?

Have you be unable to find the man you would like to father your child?

Do you need an overview of your options as well as the ethical, moral and emotional aspects of choosing to become a single mother?

Are you looking for advice from other single mothers?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above, then you should read the book. 

Mor uden far [Mother Without a Father]

Author: Pia Olsen

In Mor uden far, eight women talk about how they arrived at the decision to become single mothers. Their stories are very different, as are the reasons for their decisions: Broken relationships, unsuccessful relationships and years of fertility treatment are some of the reasons.


Pia Olsen has written a beautiful and insightful book about an important subject, and all the book’s doughty women shine a warm light on strong women’s desire to have a child, even without a father.

All doughty mothers should be wished good luck, and, not least, they should enrich their children with the most important thing in the world—love. Lots of love.

Sådan holder du hovedet koldt  [How to Keep a Cool Head]

Author: Liselotte Vejborg

This book is written for women who are about to start or who are having fertility treatment and women who are about to start the adoption process or who are waiting on an adopted child. The author, Liselotte Vejborg, has been through both fertility treatment and subsequently the wait to adopt a child. Liselotte recounts her story and experience in a book that will resonate with many other women who are waiting for a child or have been through the same experience.

Sådan holder du hovedet koldt – en guide til dig, der venter på barn [A Guide for Anyone Waiting for a Baby] will help you prepare as well as you can during this time and will also help you during the process. You are given practical advice on coping with many of the challenges that you are bound to face during this waiting period, and the book also answers the following question:

Is it at all possible to derive anything positive from this waiting period – and if so what? How do I cope with the uncertainty, worries and changes along the way? How can I control communication with others? What are the things I should or shouldn’t do?

Naturally, your approach to this waiting time has a major influence on how your react, and the book gives you a number of effective tools for keeping a cool head during this time.

Tristan er donorbarn - HVEM er Tristans far? [Tristan is a donor-conceived child. WHO is Tristan’s Father?]

Author: Cecilia Hafezan Abel

Tristan’s family consists of him and his mother. There is no father. Tristan is a donor-conceived child. His mother conceived him using a sperm donor. Tristan often thinks about who his father is—he wonders if he has met him without realising?


Tristan will soon become a big brother. He’s really excited about this. Tristan’s little sister is also a donor-conceived child like him.

Maries Mor og Mutti [Marie’s Mum and Mummy]

Author: Cecilia Hafezan Abel

Marie says that her parents are Mum and Mummy. The other children do not believe that Marie has two mothers. They think she is lying, and Marie must try and convince them that it is true.


English title: Timmy Tinker opens The Hill

Author: Stine Josefine Dige

The boy with the fidget fingers and his two mothers on a new dangerous and colourful adventure


His name is Timmy Tinker. This lively little fellow with his ten small fidget fingers that make life more interesting than normal, is back. Last year saw the publication of Flying with Timmy Tinker about a family trip to the Flying Grill Restaurant. This time the gang go on a motorbike trip in his parents’ Nimbus motorbike with side carriage to Bakken, an amusement park. This book is cheeky, colourful and even a bit dangerous at times ...

Having fidget fingers isn’t always a bad thing. At least not for Timmy Tinker.

Flying with Timmy Tinker

Author: Stine Josefine Dige

Description: Timmy Tinker loves to fiddle with things that only adults should be allowed operate, and sometimes things are just on the verge of going very wrong. One day Mum and Mummy surprise him with a trip to the Flying Grill Restaurant at the airport. Here he meets Peggy Pilot, who invites him up in her old propeller plane. The cockpit has lots and lots of exciting, flashing buttons and knobs. I wonder if Timmy Tinker can keep his hands away from them?


This book about Timmy Tinker is for children aged 2–5 years. The story is set within a rainbow family, but the book is aimed at all children who are into motorbikes, mechanical things and aircraft.

Novel by Kristina Nya Glaffey: Mor og Busser. [Mother and Buses]

Publisher Gladiator.

What is it like for today’s rainbow children to grow up in a family that consists of two mothers and children?

We find this out when the children become adults and begin to speak for themselves. In her new novel, Mor og Busser, Kristina Nya Glaffey tries to put herself in the child’s place and talks about life in a lesbian nuclear family from the child’s viewpoint with an open mind that is full of childish wonder.

Det blev et barn [A Baby on the Way]

Author: Malene Raith

Description: Fertility treatment is no walk in the park, but for most people it results in a much longed-for child. No one knows in advance what the outcome will be, and nothing is guaranteed. Individuals must judge themselves how much they are willing to sacrifice.

Bag barnløshed og fertilitetsbehandling [Behind Infertility and Fertility Treatment]

Author: Birgitte Klock Clausen

Bag barnløshed og fertilitetsbehandling by Sociologist and Coach Birgitte Klock Clausen, 2014, 195 pages.


PCO Forum | For women with PCO.

Selvvalgtsinglemor | Signe Fjord makes being a single mother cool.

DC Network | An English website about having donor-conceived children as well as links to a large number of exciting associations and studies.

LGTB | The Danish National Organisation for Gay Men, lesbian women, Bisexuals and Transgender persons.

Statsforvaltningen | The State Administration can give you guidance on the rules and legal effects of paternity and lesbian co-motherhood.

Minmave | Lots of articles about pregnancy, birth, babies and toddlers. Take part in one of the many debates, or have a look at our galleries of scan photos and lots more.

Solomor | Solomor is a network for single women with one or more children who were donor-conceived. We share tips and tricks here that support and elevate single mothers to a higher level.

Regnbuefamilie | The website is aimed at gays and lesbian, single women and others who want to become parents without living in a traditional nuclear family with a father, mother and children but where the child gets to know both of its biological parents.    

Donorbarn | The association for donor-conceived children and their parents is an association where the members are donor-conceived children or the parents of such children. The group is open to all full-time mothers—or fathers where applicable—and allows women who chose to become single mothers via donor solutions including women who used known donors (a friend, an ex, or a father who has given up rights to the child, etc.) to meet. What is common to all the mothers is that they are full-time mothers with full-time responsibility for the child/children.

Adoption & Samfund | Adoption & Samfund.

Femmis | Femmis, a Swedish association for single mothers by choice through insemination/IVF, is a non-profit and independent association. The association is made up of women at various stages in the process of becoming single mothers through artificial fertilisation at the clinic using a donor. The association has many interesting links.

LFUB | The Danish The National Association of Involuntary Childlessness is for those undergoing fertility treatment, those who have not had children yet and also for those who have had successful treatment and who have experience in the area.

Seedsibling | Seed Siblings is an organisation for those who were conceived as a result of sperm donation provided by a Nordic clinic or a Danish sperm bank. In our forum you can interact with people in the same situation. We welcome parents, donor-conceived children and current or past donors.



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