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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions along with the answers to these in our FAQ.

If you are unable to find answers to what you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us by telephone or email.

Is there an age limit for fertility treatment?

Yes. According to the law, fertility treatment may not be given to women over the age of 46. There is no age limit for men. The public fertility clinics do not provide treatment for couples once the woman reaches the age of 40.

Waiting list

We have only short waiting time for insemination and IVF. Once you have had the consultation with us, and once all test results have been received and approved and a treatment plan is in place, then you are ready to start treatment here in the clinics.

Can I go to work the same day I have been inseminated?

Yes, there is no problem going to work, etc. after you have been inseminated.

It does not reduce you chance of becoming pregnant.

Must I have hormones, if I want to donate my eggs?

Yes, if you would like to be an eggdonor you must have hormone stimulation. We will keep a good eye on you to ensure that you are on the dose that suits you.

Why do you take blood tests?

There are several blood tests that we can take.

Viral blood tests are standard for everyone and are also a legal requirement. For example, we cannot provide treatment to anyone who is HIV positive.

There are different hormone tests that may be relevant for you, so that we can assess and determine the optimal treatment for you.

In addition there are some quite unusual blood tests that we can take, if these are thought to be necessary.

Will there be other women in the same room as me?

No, you always get a single room. The rooms are warm and welcoming. You can bring in your own music (telephone or iPod) and connect up a speaker.

Is parking expensive in St Kongensgade?

Your parking expenses will be refunded. So if you drive to the clinic, you just need to bring a copy of you parking ticket and we will refund you immediately.

Will I be assigned to one doctor who will provide all my treatment?

We cannot guarantee that it will be the same doctor you see every time you come to the clinic. We are open every day of the year, and the doctors work shifts to facilitate this.

What if I ovulate on a Friday evening?

If you have a positive ovulation test late in the evening, you just phone us the next morning. Then we will make an appointment for you during the day. So if you have a long distance to travel, you can start preparing for you visit to the clinic the next day. You can also phone us that evening and leave a message on our answering machine, so that we know that you will be coming. You can also let us know by email.

Contact us by telephone or email.

Can I call you during the weekend?

Yes, you can get hold of us any day all year round. 

Are you closed during summer or Easter holidays?

We open are every day of the year. Even during the summer holidays.

Can I buy sperm directly through you?

Yes. Here in the clinic, we are all experts in providing advice about buying sperm. If this is your first time buying sperm, or you are interested in using the same sperm for siblings, all you need to do is phone or email us.

If I purchased a package and became pregnant on the first attempt, do I get the rest of my money back?

No, the package is used if you give birth to a child, if all attempts have been used or if two years have elapsed since signing the contract.

Can I review a package deal for individual treatment after I’ve started?

No, once you have chosen a package or an individual treatment, it cannot be changed.

Can I be referred by my GP?

Yes, but we only accept referrals for insemination. You will be able to get a price reduction for treatment in this case. Insemination following a GP referral only costs DKK 1,500 per insemination as opposed to the normal price of DKK 3,500.

How do I get the medicine I’ll need?

We will write out a prescription for you, or you if you live in Denmark it will be on the prescription server, so you just hand in your health card to the pharmacist.

What donor features can I choose at the clinic?

You can select height, hair and eye colour.

Why must I pay for creating a sperm depot?

This amount covers our administration expenses and maintenance of the depot.

Must I pay for the sperm depot even if the sperm is only there for a few days?

Yes, the depot must be paid for even if the sperm is only stored for a short period of time.

How much does the initial consultation cost?

The initial consultation for insemination is free.

The initial consultation for IVF or stimulated insemination costs DKK 1,000.

On which day can I have an ultrasound with AFC (antral follicle count)?

The ultrasound with AFC can be done on any day of your cycle

For how long are my test results valid?

Your viral blood test and chlamydia swab results are valid for up to two years. Your smear test result is valid for up to three years.

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