How to order sperm from the sperm banks

In connection with a fertility treatment, it may be necessary to use donor sperm. For many, it is the only way to achieve pregnancy.

We work closely with European Sperm Bank, but you can also order sperm from one of the other sperm banks if you wish.


How to choose your sperm at European Sperm Bank

To be able to select a donor, go to the European Sperm Bank website. We have worked closely with European Sperm Bank for many years, and they ensure a smooth process when you need to be treated with donor sperm.

To start your search for a donor, click on the link below and create a profile by clicking the "Create Free User" button. Once you have created your user, you have full access to European Sperm Bank's selection of sperm donors.

Start your search for a donor here

When you semen arrives here at the clinic

It is important that you ask the sperm bank to send your sperm to us in good time. We recommend that the semen is here at the clinic 14 days before you need to use it.

When we receive your semen here at the clinic, we register it and put it in our Nitrogen tank so that it is stored properly until you need it for your treatment. For this you are invoiced DKK 750 per delivery.

If you send more than one straw to the clinic for several treatments, or your straw is stored for more than three months, we can offer you storage in your own depot. We will then send you a contract, which you must sign and return to us, as well as an invoice for storage. The depot runs 1 year at a time. If you still have semen in your deposit after 1 year, we will automatically send you a new invoice every year. The deposit fee is DKK 1,500 per year.

You must be aware that any excess semen stored with us will not be repurchased, neither by us nor the sperm bank. If you store your semen at European Sperm Bank, they have an advantageous repurchase system..

Finally, contact us if you have any questions.

Read more about prices here

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